Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Maya the Bee // Mesilane Maia

Ammu tuntud multikategelane veel minu lapseeast. Lugesin ka koomikseid ja raamatuid tema tegudest. Kuna mu 6de on samanimeline, otsustasingi talle antud tegelase kingituseks heegeldada:) //
Since I participate in a crafting FB broup which theme was #julyyellow I added a bit black and made this bee. Was made for my sister that had a birthday last month (we couldn't meet last month). I'm not sure she even took a good look at it or aprichieted it somehow but I know her children did:) And it was fun to made it anyway.
Used few different tutorials for it and add some my self: amigurumibb.com and youtube.com

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