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Maya the Bee // Mesilane Maia

Ammu tuntud multikategelane veel minu lapseeast. Lugesin ka koomikseid ja raamatuid tema tegudest. Kuna mu 6de on samanimeline, otsustasingi talle antud tegelase kingituseks heegeldada:) //
Since I participate in a crafting FB broup which theme was #julyyellow I added a bit black and made this bee. Was made for my sister that had a birthday last month (we couldn't meet last month). I'm not sure she even took a good look at it or aprichieted it somehow but I know her children did:) And it was fun to made it anyway.
Used few different tutorials for it and add some my self: and


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All 4 of them

LÕPUKS said need neli tegelast ikkagi valmis. Eelmises postituses oli ainult kaks tegelast, nüüdseks on kõik neli ikka sama mustri järgi. Pole vist tõesti kunagi veel nii mitut mänguasja ühe ja sama mustri järgi teinud. Aga vähemalt olen õnnelik, et oma juba tuntud loomakeste sekka tekkis ka rebane.
Finished all four of those cute animals by Polina Kuts pattern that you already have seen in my . At least now I got one more animal in my collection and this time it's a fox.

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Sai veidi muudetud kraemuster.

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Pattern provider:

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