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PAW PATROL / Marshall

This is my sons favorite cartoon-character. He wants it where ever he sees it. And I was tired of hearing about to buy him one... or more! of those. So finally I sat down and crocheted him one. And was so please to hear other day that "I don't want Marshall from store anymore, I have one at home" :) I used pattern that is in Russia and it's free. But if you don't know that language, just order the owner to translate it, it does not cost much. //

I my self used this pattern from Ambercraftstore. But similar to this can be find here: JulyoToys and MelissasPatterns
//Mu poja lemmik multikategelane, pisike dolmaatsiakoer Marshall. Poeg on juba ammu seda tegelast tahtnud, igal pool poodides nähes, palub osta. Võitsin siis lõpuks aja maha ja heegeldasin ühe. Ning nüüd kui poes näeb seda tegelast, ütleb, et ei tahagi, kuna kodus juba on:) Soojendab südant!!
Eesti keeles õpetus ei leidnud. Leidsin vene keeles tasuta õpetuse. Kuid kui ei mõista seda keelt, leiab hulganisti ka inglise keeles (all on lingid).


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Thanks Shannon Symons for patterns that can be found here:
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