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Armas Jänku / Pretty Bunny

Since so many was doing it my kids wanted to. I do see I still need to work on mistakes, specially with the face and eyes needed to be added before stuffing not after. Pattern by Tatjana Makarova

Russian mk
English mk

Kuna antud jänes on nii populaarseks saanud, palusid ka minu lapsed endale sellise. Tegin. Näen küll, et näoga on veel tegemist, ei õnnestunud nii armsaks teha, nagu õpetuses. Ja märkasin, et ka turvasilmad on parem enne täistoppimist kinnitada, kui hiljem.


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Triibud ja Ruudud // Stripes & Squares

Jõudsin ka mina #soctoober'i flashmobis osaleda:) Sokkidel on oma paarilised täitsa olemas! Mõlemad sokipaarid said heegeldatud. Kuna pole ammu vardaid kätte võtnud ja ka omal ajal küllalt palju sokke ja kindaid kudunud, siis see kord otsustasin heegeldada.
Jalad on nüüd mõnusalt soojas lastel:) Õpetuse leidsin youtube'ist.//Finally made it. Two pairs of socks with stripes and squares. Both pairs made for my son. Now his legs are worm:)

You're mine Dark!...

Were my words when I finally finished it in the middle of the night (had time to saw only at nights, so there were many of them). It was done for my dear and special friend Dark Arlett. That's a demiurg. Not the best work. But it's my first plush ever. Don't remember that I've done any at school or so at all.

Thanks Shannon Symons for patterns that can be found here:
Youtube tutorial of how to saw

My results:

Crocheted amiguri wolf

Something I haven't done a long time ago. Yes, not perfect but it's my first toy since ever. Done all kind of things but not toy. And besides, he was done to make my wolf collection a bit bigger, cause hard to get in stores some wolf-toy. Mostly foxes or dogs. And getting a wolf thro e-bay or amazon... cost to much. Ok, so here it goes.